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Mon, October 16, 2023 to Sun, September 1, 2024

× Through enmeshing musical and visual art on stage, the curatorial aim is to have a ‘relational tension’ created, one that offers a unique interpretation based on the blending of art mediums. In colour theory - as used by the Pointillists in the 1880’s for example - two distinct pure colours placed side by side can create the image of a third colour. The eye ‘blends’ the colours. The technique relies on the ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to blend the colour spots into a fuller range of tones.

We are attempting a conceptual ‘blending' on-stage of music and visual art, aiming to deepen our understanding of what is possible in performance. The viewer, in this case the audience, will blend the mediums.

The work is experimental and undefined as expressed within outcomes. The structure of the performances (5 in total) is intentionally set up to not have predictable results, nor to overly pre-plan or compose the two parallel forms as presented.

Part 3 features Blaine Weldbauer, Liam Barber, and Samuel Decter

Liam Barber

Liam Barber has been dancing since he was 5 years old and for the past 12 years, he has been specializing in Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, tap, lyrical, and Hip hop. He Has been competing against top-level dancers and has been doing different dance classes around North America in places such as New York, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Liam is now expanding his dance education and experience to different places in the world like South Africa, this past summer. Liam brings a deep passion, strong performance, and full-body expression to the stage, every time he dances. The Performance, "Xchange", is the first time that Liam has collaborated with another artist and the results were phenomenal!  We know this is the first of many new performances that He will be a part of as he continues to pursue his dance career.

Samuel Decter

Dog Dad Posse is the brainchild of Samuel Mdwara Decter, raised in the wilds of Winnipeg from his birth in 1981. Of rich South African/Jewish/Irish descent, Dog Daddy is now based in Campbell River, and can be described as making hip hop and jazz music, realized through the aesthetic lenses of early electronica, trip-hop, soul, psychedelic blues, spoken word and pop.

Tickets: $10 Streaming Admission (+applicable taxes & fees) Or get all five streams for $40! Purchase your pass here.


Tidemark Online Streaming
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(Physical Venue) 1220 Shoppers Row
Campbell River BC V9W 2C8

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