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Mon, October 16, 2023 to Sat, August 31, 2024

× Through enmeshing musical and visual art on stage, the curatorial aim is to have a ‘relational tension’ created, one that offers a unique interpretation based on the blending of art mediums. In colour theory - as used by the Pointillists in the 1880’s for example - two distinct pure colours placed side by side can create the image of a third colour. The eye ‘blends’ the colours. The technique relies on the ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to blend the colour spots into a fuller range of tones.

We are attempting a conceptual ‘blending' on-stage of music and visual art, aiming to deepen our understanding of what is possible in performance. The viewer, in this case the audience, will blend the mediums.

The work is experimental and undefined as expressed within outcomes. The structure of the performances (5 in total) is intentionally set up to not have predictable results, nor to overly pre-plan or compose the two parallel forms as presented.

Part 4 features Nadine Bariteau, Shawn Decaire, and the Laxwaxdax'w Youth and Elders Dance Group

Nadine Bariteau

Born and raised in Montreal (Tiohtià:ke) Nadine Bariteau is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in printmaking, sculpture, installation and video/sound. Her works are studies of permanence and ephemerality, and the interplay between human-made and natural environments. Bariteau has exhibited her work extensively, both nationally and internationally in China, Belgium, Argentina, Australia, United States, Russia and Japan. She was also a visiting artist in the Department of Art and Design at the National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan where she exhibited her work. Nadine Bariteau has obtained several grants and awards and her work can be seen in private and public collections including Foreign Affairs Canada, Shengshi Art Centre, Bejing, China, Frans Masereel Center, Belgium and the National Library of Québec. Nadine presently lives on Vancouver Island on the traditional and unceded territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation.

Shawn Decaire

Yaxawidi (Shawn Decaire) is a member of the Laxwaxdax'w people, the southernmost tribe of the Kwakwakawakwe Nation,born in Campbell River in 1981. Shawn’s family was not involved with anything cultural due to the impacts of residential schools, but in 2001 he was invited by the people of Kingcome Inlet to join them on a traditional gathering of canoes.

Known as a Tribal Journey, this lifechanging experience took him from his village in Cape Mudge to the final landing place in Ambleside, West Vancouver. Over those two and a half weeks, Shawn was inspired in every cultural way from traditional singing to art and carving. During the journey Shawn met inspirational people who became role models to him, including the late Chief Frank Nelson, and the man who inspired him to be a traditional singer, Chief William Wasden Jr.

After returning home with all this inspiration, Shawn dedicated much time to learning the culture of his ancestors and the reasons why so much was lost. Near the end of 2002, Shawn made the greatest dedication of change in his life - he surrendered his addictions of street drugs and alcohol. He worked harder on his arts of singing, carving, and helping people. And for 20 years Shawn taught himself and learned from many great cultural teachers to become established in the cultural and artistic world.

Most of the traditional crafts Shawn creates are for ceremonies, such as potlatches and feasts. He does not sell much of his art. He said, “It is not the value of cash you carry that makes you rich. It is the love in your heart.”

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Tidemark Online Streaming
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(Physical Venue) 1220 Shoppers Row
Campbell River BC V9W 2C8

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